JUL 11, 2015 - JUL 25, 2015

59E59 THEATERS Presents

In Theater C


Every August, performing arts pilgrims converge on the cultural mecca of Edinburgh. Catch our North American companies before they make the journey across the pond in the closest thing to Festival Fringe this side of the Atlantic.

EAST TO EDINBURGH returns to 59E59 with shows in both Theater B and C giving North American shows the opportunity to fine-tune their acts. As in Edinburgh, the programming is not curated, the technical elements are kept to minimum, and all shows begin promptly at their advertised time!


Jul 8 at 6:30, Jul 9 at 8:30

A solo show revealing the struggles American soldiers face at war and their internal struggles to come home. Based on real stories and accounts from soldiers' letters written from the American Revolution through to current day Afghanistan.

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Jul 15, 16, 21 at 8:30 | See also THEATER B show times.

It's the 1939 Academy Awards, young Miss Davis is nominated for Best Actress, and the LA Times LEAKED the winners EARLY! Witness Bette's most defining moments as a tenacious young starlet. With humor and unabashed frankness Jessica Sherr journey's into Bette Davis' battle to win freedom from the grip and control of the Hollywood studio moguls studio executives.

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Jul 11 at 2:30, July 12 at 4:30

An a Cappella journey through the birth of the Negro Spiritual in the call & response style of the music itself. Each song is a vignette, a reply to a snapshot of history. Tait is an alchemist, a slave, a freedom fighter using music to counter oppression. Pain is twisted into promise by the coded spirituals. Music is dialogue, igniting our hope and empowering us to believe change is possible... Music is the magic.

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Jul 25 at 6:30, Jul 26 at 4:30

A true story of one woman's adventure turned upside down when she discovers a bug bite on her breast is actually Stage Four cancer. Armed with uncertainty, she finds that healing is an endlessly surprising struggle to save her family, to grow personally and to accept that everything is exactly as it should be.

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Jul 16, 17, 18 at 6:30, Jul 19 at 7:30

Cry Me A Liver is Lucie Pohl's hilariously bizarre collage of New York characters looking to define themselves in a world where definition is nothing more than a hashtag.

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Jul 21, 22 at 6:30, Jul 25 at 4:30

It's Derby Day and the Ballard brothers have a luxury box at the Oaklawn Racetrack in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Over the course of one long day they destroy everything and everyone in their path -- drinking, cursing, and revealing family secrets that might just tear them apart forever.

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Jul 25, 26 at 2:30

A heart-warming, yet hard-hitting, original drama about family conflict, resilience, and the trials and tribulations of growing up. This is the tale of Tom, a single dad and ordinary man who attempts to go with the flow and raise his son with love and empathy in a world of corporate bullying and classroom peer pressure.

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Jul 10, 11 at 8:30, Jul 19 at 4:30

When a technological disruption incites a confusing mess of regurgitated personal histories, three women are thrust into a surreal game world in search of truths. They embark upon a cryptic quest, navigating a variety of obstacles, nonsensical riddles, deep-seated fears.

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Jul 14, 15 at 6:30

A delightful screwball comedy about parents who give birth to a child with both male and female genitalia and must choose which sex they want to raise their child as.

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Jul 10, 11 at 6:30, Jul 12 at 2:30

Everyone has a dream. And Kitty Adler is no exception. Fifty-something Kitty just won the lottery, the Broadway Lottery. A chance to compete for a spot on a theatre stage in the coveted theatre district on Broadway! A one-woman show entirely written and performed by Kerry Miller from Nova Scotia, Canada. Lighthearted and engaging, you're "bound" to be drawn in as you follow the path right along with Kitty as she worries, frets, sings and encounters a few colourful characters

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Jul 17, 18 at 8:30

Long silenced voices spring to life in this singular, compelling multi-character performance about the true and concealed lives hidden behind convent walls where unwed mothers, prostitutes, orphans, flirts and disabled children are told they can scrub away their sins in one of Ireland's commercial laundries run by orders of nuns.

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Jul 18 at 4:30, Jul 19 at 2:30

An autobiographical one-woman comedy about Natasha's experiences as a gay, female journalist in Pakistan. It centers around a lesbian Tinder date in Karachi. The meeting takes an odd turn when the date, Jamal, brings her own complications: her father was recently kidnapped by the Taliban...

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Jul 18 at 2:30, Jul 22 at 8:30

Faith. Home. Kin. This is the slanted tale of two sisters adrift, journeying away from the chaos of modern life. With folksongs, rough rapids, nighttime wonderings, and a yearning for "home", this sparse, poetical play is a newfangled American folktale.

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Jul 9 at 6:30, Jul 11 at 4:30

After rejecting her Vietnamese identity, a woman travels to Vietnam, the birthplace of her father. As she discovers the beauty of her roots, she is forced to combat demons of her past, and learn the power of forgiveness.

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Jul 7 at 8:30, Jul 12 at 7:30

Set in post Civil-War America, a haunted veteran tells the tale of the infamous Fox sisters, who convinced thousands that they could communicate with the dead.

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Jul 23, 24 at 8:30

A comedic and irreverent exploration of homophobia, religion, and the meaning of family. When an openly gay man babysits his niece and nephew, he gets more than he bargained for.

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Jul 23, 24 at 6:30, Jul 25 at 8:30, July 26 at 7:30

The struggles and triumphs of six transgender women unfold with honesty, intelligence and wit in this groundbreaking exploration of gender and identity by Fringe First and Herald Award-winning producer Paul Lucas.

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