A Regular Little Houdini

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Produced by:
Flying Bridge Theatre Limited
December 12 - December 31, 2017
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Written and performed by Daniel LLewelyn-Williams
Directed by Joshua Richards

An extraordinary coming of age story about hope, determination and magic!

Newport, South Wales: A tenacious young dockworker's son, enthralled with Harry Houdini's amazements, dreams of a life of magic to escape the harsh reality of working class Edwardian Britain. As he trains to emulate his hero's escapology, his personal journey intersects with the great showman himself.

Inspired by the author's own family stories and the real-life visits of Houdini to Wales, it's a modern fairytale full of the triumph of the human spirit.


Producing Company

Flying Bridge Theatre Limited

Flying Bridge wants to create and collaborate on productions which "mean" something - something more than the air and time it occupies. They are determined make theater with a social conscience, that is political with a small 'p'. They are driven to make dramatic work which appeals to all sub-groups of human division and which inspires us all to see our commonality.

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“Daniel Llewelyn-Williams… turns out to be a regular little spellbinder.” - Lighting & Sound America

“A Regular Little Houdini pulls a rabbit out of a hat to create a moment of entertaining theatrical magic” - Theater’s Leiter Side

“he has sprinkled his performance with delightful bits of sleight-of-hand and other legerdemain that never fail to entertain” - A Seat on the Aisle

“A skilled, entertaining, and imaginative play, foreign in context, but humanistically familiar.” - Woman Around Town

“If you want to see an extremely talented performer with attention to detail, the ability to switch characters excellently, and a penchant for magic, this is precisely your cup of tea.” - Theater is Easy

“A riveting one-man yarn that grows more and more epic as it goes along.” - Theater Scene