Angel & Echoes

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Produced by:
Redbeard Theatre in Association with Gilded Balloon Productions
April 11 - May 07, 2017
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By Henry Naylor
Directed by Michael Cabot (Angel) and Emma Butler (Echoes)

With Avital Lvova (Angel), Serena Manteghi (Echoes), and Rachel Smyth (Echoes)

Henry Naylor returns to this year's Festival after the acclaimed Brits Off Broadway run of Echoes in 2016. Newly paired with Angel, these powerful and timely one-act plays tell the stories of women devastated by war, who find tenacity and triumph on their own terms.

Angel is a one-woman show inspired by the story of a modern legend; a female sniper, "the Angel of Kobani," who held ISIS in check for over a year in war-torn Syria. Rehana is a young law student who joins the resistance when the town of Kobani is besieged, and quickly discovers that she had a talent for killing.

Echoes tells the parallel stories of two women born 175 years apart. One is a Victorian pioneer woman, the other an Islamist schoolgirl. The former wants to build an Empire, the latter a Caliphate. Both women are idealists and intelligent adventurers who travel East to impose their views on unwilling peoples.

Photo Caption: Avital Lvova in ANGEL
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Avital Lvova in ANGEL
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Avital Lvova in ANGEL
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Rachel Smyth and Serena Manteghi in ECHOES
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Serena Manteghi and Rachel Smyth in ECHOES
Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo Caption: Serena Manteghi and Rachel Smyth in ECHOES
Photo: Carol Rosegg
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Producing Company

Redbeard Theatre

Redbeard produces the plays of British satirist Henry Naylor (described in The Times, UK, as "one of our best new playwrights"). Redbeard’s mission statement is to make urgent and timely dramas about the biggest news stories of the day. They have made shows about the violence in the Middle East, about Jihadi brides, about ISIS, about the Syrian Civil war and about the disastrous Western occupation of Iraq. They have made those stories exciting, accessible and digestible. Their aim is to be – first and foremost – entertaining, provocative, and thought-provoking – and frequently very funny. They write exciting, epic adventures – and yet make those stories easy to tour, by using minimal props, set and staging.

Gilded Balloon Productions

Gilded Balloon is one of Scotland’s leading entertainment venues presenting an annual programme as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as well as at its new year-round home at the Basement Theatre. As one of the four largest venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Gilded Balloon is respected internationally for presenting a stunning annual showcase of theatre, comedy and cabaret.

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"Both Angel and Echoes are rich, captivating stories about themes in urgent need of attention." - Theatre Is Easy Best Bet!

"An unforgettable theatrical experience" - Broadway World

"More than most plays in New York right now, Angel & Echoes demands to be seen." - Lightening&Sound America

"Dazzling and provocative... one of the most brilliant and harrowing performances this reviewer has ever witnessed." - Theater Pizzazz

"An empowering and exhilarating play that focuses on women's strengths rather than their victimhood and it is Avital Lvova's performance that makes it especially memorable." - A Seat On The Aisle

"Gripping theatre" - Theater's Leiter Side

"This show provides heart thumping moments mixed with an emotional rollercoaster all held by Avital Lvova. With the direction from Michael Cabot, she delivers a tour de force that the audience will not soon forget." - Manhattan With A Twist

"The performances of the three actresses are superlative... Both works are filled with pathos, violence, and moments of humor and, perhaps most important, reality. They demand the complete focus and involvement of the viewer and, though sometimes disturbing, they should not be missed." - WomanAroundTown

"Rachel Smyth and Serena Manteghi both give strong performances" - Exeunt Magazine

"Henry Naylor is emerging as one of our best new playwrights" - The Times, London

"It is an important piece of theater, wonderfully crafted and brilliantly executed." - BroadwayWorld on Echoes

"A shocking, convincing, and effective piece" - TheaterScene