Bears in Space

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Produced by:
Collapsing Horse
September 06 - October 02, 2016
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By Eoghan Quinn
Directed by Dan Colley
with Jack Gleeson, Aaron Heffernan, Cameron McCaulay, and Eoghan Quinn

After playing to sold-out crowds in Dublin, Edinburgh, and London, the cult hit show Bears in Space arrives in New York City with its acclaimed original cast.
Two cosmonaut bears on a spaceship hurtle toward the impossibly distant limits of the universe while chased by villainous beings. An ethereal adventure that considers the perils and wonders of a journey across space and time to nowhere.

Photo Caption: Aaron Heffernan and Jack Gleeson in BEARS IN SPACE
Photo: Idil Sukan
Photo Caption: Aaron Heffernan and Eoghan Quinn in BEARS IN SPACE
Photo: Idil Sujan
Photo Caption: Aaron Heffernan in BEARS IN SPACE
Photo: Idil Sukan
Photo Caption: Cameron McCauley in BEARS IN SPACE
Photo: Idil Sukan
Photo Caption: Eoghan Quinn in BEARS IN SPACE
Photo: Idil Sukan
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Producing Company

Collapsing Horse Theatre Company

Collapsing Horse is a theatre company that makes comic, lo-fi, spectacular, tactile and virtuosic work that leaves the performers really, really sweaty at the end.

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"As befits a show that takes place way up in a distant galaxy, "Bears in Space" is likely to induce a serious contact high...After only a few minutes, you'll find you've acquired the mind-set of a rowdy, sleep-deprived university student at 4 a.m., giddily sharing fantasies with fellow nerds for whom goofiness is next to godliness." -The New York Times, Critics Pick!

"FOUR STARS. It's all in silly, adorable fun. Bear it and grin." - Time Out New York

"It is also strange, funny, charming, and wonderfully acted by a quartet of performers straight out of a universe inhabited by the likes of Monty Python or conjured up by Lewis Carroll on a particularly trippy day in Wonderland." - Talkin' Broadway

"Nutty, madcap and inventive" - Theater Pizzazz

"Bears in Space, a completely insane - and insanely enjoyable - comedy." - Theatermania

"A batshit-crazy comedy puppet show about a couple of bears in space... a riotous, hilarious, trippy journey to infinity and beyond." - Time Out London

"A honey pot of comedy, thick with wit and absurdity!"  - Broadway Baby