Black Tie

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Primary Stages
January 25 - January 25, 2011
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Written by: A.R. Gurney 
Directed by: Mark Lamos
With: Ari Brand, Daniel Davis, Gregg Edelman, Carolyn McCormick and Elvy Yost.

Curtis simply wants to make a memorable toast at the rehearsal dinner for his son's wedding. But before he is able to raise his glass, he must defend the time-honored ways of his past, including his attire. Cultures clash when a surprise guest is announced, threatening to throw convention out the window.

Photo Caption: Black Tie
Photo: James Leynse
Photo Caption: Black Tie
Photo: James Leynse
Photo Caption: Black Tie
Photo: James Leynse
Photo Caption: Black Tie
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"Directed with a deft touch by Mark Lamos, Primary Stages' production is adorned by a suave comic performance from Daniel Davis!" - NY Times

"Mark Lamos not only maintains the necessary pace but helps the playwright mine familiar themes and avoid it all coming off as too been there/done that. Happily the actors have wit and charm to spare." - CurtainUp

"Gurney’s script, directed by Mark Lamos, is full of humor, particularly an escalating “just-when-you-thought-it-couldn’t-get-any-worse” kind when it comes to issues with the bride and her family." - Reflections in the Light