Clifford Chase's WINKIE

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Godlight Theatre Company
March 05 - April 10, 2011
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Based on the novel by: Clifford Chase
Adapted by: Matt Pelfrey
Directed by: Joe Tantalo
With: Nick Paglino, Elliot HIll, Gregory Konow, Geraldine Johns, Michael Shimkin, Adam Kee, Sean Phillips, Erin Wheelock, and Chris Cipriano

Clifford Chase' scathingly funny novel Winkie is brought to life by the Drama Desk Award-winning Godlight Theatre Company. When a mild mannered teddy bear finds himself on the wrong side of America's War on Terror, he becomes trapped inside the jaws of a society rabid with fear and paranoia. Is Winkie the evil mastermind behind dozens of terrorist attacks? Or is he an innocent scapegoat for zealots on both sides of the terror wars? An emotionally gripping and intellectually compelling exploration of the absurdities of our post-9/11 age.

Photo Caption: Clifford Chase's WINKIE
Photo: Sean Dooley
Photo Caption: Clifford Chase's WINKIE
Photo: Sean Dooley
Photo Caption: Clifford Chase's WINKIE
Photo: Sean Dooley
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Producing Company

Godlight Theatre Company

Godlight Theatre Company was formed for the purposes of fostering community appreciation for drama and the performing arts. Godlight is committed to bring new and underperformed texts to the stage by creating original adaptations of modern classical literature from the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as commissioning new dramatic works from emerging talent. The ensemble and creative team of Godlight Theatre Company explore new plays informed by the issues of life in contemporary America.

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"Dynamic!" - The New York Times 

"Joe Tantalo's high-energy production is precise and beautifully choreographed!" - The New Yorker 

"The best show of 2011 so far!" - Fame NYC