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Project Y Theatre
March 03 - March 26, 2016
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By Lia Romeo
Directed by Michole Biancosino
with Gus Birney, Joachim Boyle, Robby Clater, Ella Dershowitz, Midori Francis, Dana Jacks, Thomas Muccioli, and Aria Shahghasemi

From the creative team that brought the uproarious lovesick to 59e59 theaters, connected examines love and friendship in the age of social media. sexy videos that go viral! hilarious internet hookups! gaming gone wild! but in a world where we constantly connect with one another through a keyboard, why do so many of us still feel so alone? Playwright Lia Romeo explores the ways - good and bad - in which social media is shaping our lives in the twenty-first century.


Photo Caption: Aria Shahghasemi and Gus Birney in CONNECTED
Photo: Hunter Canning
Photo Caption: Gus Birney, Midori Francis, Thomas Muccioli and Joachim Boyle in CONNECTED
Photo: Hunter Canning
Photo Caption: Ella Dershowitz and Dana Jacks in CONNECTED
Photo: Hunter Canning
Photo Caption: Thomas Muccioli and Ella Dershowitz in CONNECTED
Photo: Hunter Canning
Photo Caption: Midori Francis and Ella Dershowitz in CONNECTED
Photo: Hunter Canning
Photo Caption: Robby Clater and Thomas Muccioli in CONNECTED
Photo: Hunter Canning
Photo Caption: Aria Shahghasemi, Ella Dershowitz and Gus Birney in CONNECTED
Photo: Hunter Canning
Photo Caption: Robby Clater and Midori Francis in CONNECTED
Photo: Hunter Canning
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Producing Company

Project Y Theatre

Project Y is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and community of artists, designers, and playwrights devoted to developing new work through staged readings, online video projects, workshop productions, and fully produced world premieres, allowing new and emerging voices to be part of the theatrical conversation.Founded in Washington, D.C. in 1999, Project Y was formed with one simple impulse – focusing on one project at a time and allowing the play’s needs inform all creative and producing choices. Celebrating a 15 years producing history in both Washington, D.C. and New York City, Project Y has an unwavering presence in the New York Off-Off Broadway community and has been nominated for nine Innovative Theater Awards. Project Y has been the recipient of grants from NYSCA, ART/NY, The Nancy Quinn Fund, and the humanitarian Puffin Foundation.

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"Tightly crafted to highlight the funniest and most tragic aspects of our hyper-use of social media platforms and interactions with robotic technology, Romeo reminds us that keeping flush with social media trends isn’t necessarily the way to expand our souls...Romeo presents her themes through four humorous, interconnected vignettes adroitly honed from start to finish...Dynamically directed, well-acted, expertly conceived production. " - Theatre Pizzazz

"There is not a lot in terms of subject matter that is new within this production, but the characters are complex and well-developed enough so that even a story line that might feel a bit tired is imbued with freshness. The strength of the actors' performances also serves to make this show an engaging one...Connected held my interest from start to finish, and I found myself riveted as I waited to see what would happen to the sympathetically rendered characters." - Theatre is Easy

"The characters Romeo has crafted are strong, well-rounded, and relevant" - Theatre In the Now