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Arch 468 and Ovalhouse
June 03 - June 28, 2015
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By Joseph Wilde
Directed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord

With Carla Langley and Rendah Heywood

Imagine a world without sunlight where Harry Potter, Bilbo Baggins and the cast of Dante's Inferno are real; where princes with adjectives instead of names seduce beautiful princesses; where there's just one living, breathing human being to cuddle. Welcome to Eve's world.

Eve is a 13-year-old vampire. She has never left her room and everything she knows about the world comes from her sister Tabby and her storybook characters. Eve does everything a good little vampire girl should, including drinking her human sister's blood. But one day, Tabby tires of opening her veins and, in a breath, Eve's whole world changes.

Cuddles is the stunning debut play from Capital Award-winning young playwright Joseph Wilde.

Photo Caption:
Photo: Alex Beckett
Photo Caption: Rendah Heywood and Carla Langley in CUDDLES
Photo: Alex Beckett
Photo Caption: Carla Langley and Rendah Heywood in CUDDLES
Photo: Alex Beckett
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Producing Company

Arch 468

Arch 468 is a theatre production and development hub that exists to shape the arts ecology of the future. Their work seeks to queer the mainstream by telling revolutionary stories in popular, accessible ways. They blaze new trails across the traditional arts landscape and support other companies and artists to do the same.

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Ovalhouse is a lively theatre on the Kennington Oval, opposite the famous cricket ground.

Ovalhouse has been known for its support for artists - professional and young people - for over 50 years - commissioning new work that responds to today’s social and political issues, and work that reflects the cultural diversity of its local community.

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"A sensational little shocker" - The New York Times Critic's Pick

"The vampire story has been done to death -- but Cuddles puts a fantastic spin on it... You won't forget it, either." - The New York Post

"The finale sends you out into the dark with a shiver." - The Guardian

"Cuddles is a smart and gruesome gothic tale that reveals Wilde as a writer with a great deal of confidence and nerve." - Time Out London