Dead Dog Park

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Produced by:
Boz and the Bard Productions, Inc., in association with Bedlam Theater
February 11 - March 06, 2016
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By Barry Malawer
Directed by Eric Tucker

With Eboni Flowers*, Migs Govea*, Susannah Millonzi*, Tom O'Keefe*, Jude Tibeau*, and Ryan Quinn*

In this tautly written and riveting drama, a white police officer is accused of pushing an African-American teenage boy out of a window during a police chase.

The effects of a tragic incident can, in a moment, forever redefine the lives of all those intimately connected to it. This relevant tale explores the malleability of guilt and innocence when pitted against prejudice and presumption, truth and sensationalism. As the former officer stands at the precipice of fate, neither he nor the boy can distinguish fact from fiction, certainty from doubt, guilt from innocence.

Photo Caption: Tom O'Keefe in DEAD DOG PARK
Photo: Ashley Garrett
Photo Caption: Susannah Millonzi, Tom O'Keefe, and Eboni Flowers in DEAD DOG PARK
Photo: Ashley Garrett
Photo Caption: Tom O'Keefe, Susannah Millonzi, and Migs Govea in DEAD DOG PARK
Photo: Ashley Garrett
Photo Caption: Eboni Flowers in DEAD DOG PARK
Photo: Ashley Garrett
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Boz and the Bard Productions

Frank Avellino and Steve Hess, inspired by their love of theatre, founded Boz and the Bard Productions, Inc. They named the company in honor of their two favorite writers, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare. The traditions established by these masters of literature and theatre are the traditions that Frank and Steve strive to carry on in their own work.

Whether it be an adaptation of a classic work of literature, a re-staging of a work from our culture's rich theatrical history, or an original piece by one of the emerging playwrights of the 21st century, the plays that Boz and the Bard Productions brings to the stage will move and delight audiences by honoring the past, commenting on the present, and imagining the future.

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Committed to the immediacy of the relationship between the actor and the audience, Bedlam creates works of theatre that reinvigorate traditional forms in a flexible, raw space, collapsing aesthetic distance and bringing its viewers into direct contact with the dangers and delicacies of life. In this new, fresh, active environment storytelling becomes paramount and the result is a kinetic experience of shared empathy.

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