Deco Diva

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Produced by:
Kara Wilson
April 05 - April 24, 2005
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Kara Wilson as Tamara De Lempicka
writtedn, performed and painted by Kara Wilson

DECO DIVA makes it's debut in New York following appearances at the Royal Academy of Art, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and London's Jermyn Street Theatre. Undoubtedly one of the most exotic figures of the twenties, Tamara De Lempicka us known for her distinctive and immediately recognizable style, and famous for her self-portrait at the whell of a green Bugattiin a Hermes racing cap. Not only does Kara embody this exotic, enigmatic diva in words and musc (by her husband Tom Conti) but as an accomplaished artists she amazes audiences as she executes in one hour an exact copy in oil paint of Lempicka's luminous work "Rafaela sur fond vert, or Le Reve," which is for sale or auction at the conclusion of each performance. A show for art lovers and theatre lovers alike.