Do Not Disturb

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Produced by:
Write Club NYC
July 29 - August 10, 2008
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written by Write Club NYC members Carey Crim, Jeffrey James Keyes, Peter Macklin, Geoffrey Scheer and Benjamin T. ScottĀ 

with Nathaniel P. Claridad, Kelley Curran, Noshir Dalal, Mark Emerson Philip Guerette, Peter Macklin, Ryan Murray, Derek Peith, David Sajadi, Timothy Sekk, Sarah Sokolovic and Carrie Yaeger

This room plays host to a variety of guests including a newly married gay couple questioning the state of their union, a bachelor party gone horribly wrong when the entertainment receives an untimely call, a pair of ghost-hunters, a soldier returning to Iraq and a couple attending a wedding who find themselves at a crossroads. Each play offers a unique perspective of lives in transition and is by turns whimsical, thought provoking, poignant and often hilarious.