Driving with the Parking Brake Up

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East to Edinburgh 2014
July 11 - July 13, 2014
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Written, Directed and Performed by Luis Sosa & Casey Dressler

Mangos & Rice, written and performed by Luis Sosa, is the story of a late-blooming, early-greying, wannabe-Cuban, gayboy from Miami  who discovers he doesn't suck as much as he thought. Take a ride through the life and times of Luis as he faces his fears, makes peace with his past and ultimately learns to love himself. Yup, it’s that kind of show. But don’t worry, there’s also booty dancing.  

The Wedding Warrior, penned and performed by Casey Dressler, is the tale of an unwed, 30-something, wedding coordinator in small town Key Largo who proves love truly IS a battlefield. Join Casey as she combats her way through the mayhem and mishaps that lead up to matrimony. Better off wed? That's just one of the questions Casey poses as she passes the torch to an incoming wedding coordinator in this charming, comedic peek into the chaos that ensues before the vows are taken. Follow her as she imparts her pearls of wisdom and attempts to navigate the winding roads of her own heart. This story is inspired by Casey's time working as a real life wedding coordinator in Islamorada, Florida.  

Photo Caption: Driving with the Parking Brake Up
Photo Caption: Driving with the Parking Brake Up
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