East to Edinburgh Goes Virtual

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July 15 - July 25, 2021
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1 Hour, 0 Minute

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59E59 Theaters presents
A virtual showcase streaming nine Fringe-worthy productions.

One Festival Pass will provide access to watch each of the following productions available to view on demand at your convenience between July 15 and July 25.
by Tristan Bernays
Directed by Lucy Jane Atkinson
Produced by Via Brooklyn Theatre Co
With Biko Eisen-Martin, Jessica Giannone, Cori Hundt, Doron Jépaul Mitchell, and Desireé Rodriguez

A sacrificial son. Sisters with a shocking secret. A man on Death Row.
Set in modern day America, TESTAMENT is playwright Tristan Bernays’ (Frankenstein at Classic Stage Company) compelling re-imagining of four oft-forgotten Bible characters. Under a haunting score of gospel and blues, their lives unfold in today’s society. Bear witness to the dark underbelly of The Good Book.
Recommended for ages 15 years +
Created and performed by Magdalene Zinky
Produced by The Junkyard

Pam, Barb, Olga, and Kakie are taking a break. From men, from the irritations of daily life, from the pressures of the cutthroat regional darts league. They’re taking a break from bartenders with funny ears and family members with too many needs. They’re taking in the beauty of Tahquamenon Falls State Park and Paradise, Michigan. As far as they get from all of it, though, they can’t escape the ties that bind: pain, poverty, and party.
By Katherine Teed-Arthur
Directed by Max Cameron Fearon, Cara Rebecca, and Lee Stone
Produced by Friendly Bear Theatre Company
With Katherine Teed-Arthur, Monique Danielle, Simon Gagnon, and Lee Stone

Who would Jehanne have been if not called to be Joan?
A nineteen-year-old girl sits in a prison cell waiting for judgment. Experience the pride and doubt of this teenager through her dreams, memories, and conversations with the voices who have guided her there. As Joan stands against those who wish to take her down, she must decide what matters most: the story they’ll tell about her, or her life.
Recommended for ages 12+

Created and produced by Paper Doll Ensemble
With Grayce Hoffman, Taiwo Sokan, and Sara Vanasse

Cameras. Wine. Spanx.
When three women form an alliance on a reality TV dating show, lunacy ensues. Join Julie, Taylor, and Bridget as they find love in this devised pastiche of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” true crime, and all things tequila-drenched-love-obsessed-pop-culture-horror.
MARRY, MARRY, QUITE CONTRARY pries back the masks we wear and reveals the cracking pressure of maintaining our personas. How does your garden grow?
Written and performed by Priyanka Shetty
Directed by Joe Bishara
Produced by Abbey Theater of Dublin

Constructed verbatim from interviews with local residents who were impacted by the events of the Unite The Right white supremacist rally and the subsequent riots that took place from August. 11–12, 2017, #Charlottesville explores the deep-seated racial inequities that have existed historically in this Virginia town.

By Somebody Jones
Directed by Khadifa Wong
Produced by Somebody Jones & Khadifa Wong
With Clara Emanuel, Merryl Ansah, Risha Silvera, Arianne Carless, and Christelle Belinga.

BLACK WOMEN DATING WHITE MEN is a support group featuring a collection of interviews with (you guessed it) Black women who are in long-term relationships with white men. Expect talks about privilege, activism, and the mystery of headscarves in this “engaging, funny, blunt and thoughtful” (The Guardian) play by Somebody Jones (HOW I LEARNED TO SWIM at the Jermyn Street Theatre).

By Monica Bauer
Directed by John D. FitzGibbon
Produced by Good Works Productions, John Fico and John D. Fitzgibbon
With John Fico

Bitter Professor B. has given the same crazed lecture to his online class for an entire Covid stricken semester, complete with wine and expletives. There is an online petition to have him fired. It’s the last class of the term, his job is on the line, and the Dean is watching. Will the dance number and a desperate plea for help save his job?
East to Edinburgh stalwart Monica Bauer returns with this 35 minute comic romp through an online political philosophy class, complete with Plato and Aristotle sock puppets.
Recommended for ages 16 years +
Written and directed by Sienna Aczon
Produced by Sienna Aczon
With Sienna Aczon, Camellia Bayle-Spence, and Fara Faidzan

This debut solo show is Sienna Aczon's love letter to Hawaii, New York, and the Philippines; exploration of her heritage as a Filipino-American; homage to her Grandfather's journey as an educator and immigrant; and response to the question "Do You Speak?"

Created and performed by Daniel Amedee and Conor Kelly O'Brien
Directed by Michael Pillot
Produced by Golden Lights

A father and son attempt to mend their broken relationship by taking a long delayed road trip to New Orleans. Heartwarming and haunting, this virtual return engagement of the intimate two-hander that combines live music with a simplistic approach to staging, and digital projection, premiered live at East to Edinburgh in 2019.
Recommended for ages 13+