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Filter Theatre
June 07 - July 03, 2005
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You can't hurry love. But in a world of instant replay, instant intimacy, and instant coffee, that doesn't mean you won't try. That is, if you have enough time. This high-energy, adrenaline-fulled show from new theatre company Filter, propels you through the highs and lows of Will, Gemma and Ollie's lives in the fast lane. It is a world you might recognize of too much work, lots of play and nowhere near enough rest! This is a pacey, tightly-written, multi-sensory experience. The seven performers, including three musicians, create an environment using sound, music, photography and physical skill that shifts in time as well as location with startling economy. Inspired by James Gleick's best-sleeing book, FASTER: The acceleration of Just About Everything, a study of the modern world's obsession with speed, FASTER comes to New York following a triumphant UK national tour.