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Project Y
May 08 - June 07, 2009
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a world premiere by Karl Gajdusek 
directed by Larissa Kokernot

with Lisa Velten Smith, Stephanie Szostak, Jerry Richardson, Ryan McCarthy, and Dan Patrick Brady

part of the Americas Off Broadway Festival

San Francisco in the late 90’s: the Internet, new tailored drugs, raves, and bikram yoga. When all the freedom and fun come up against a random act of violence, things become totally FUBAR.

Mary and David live in a small apartment crammed full of the boxes her abused mother left behind, while outside in the streets of San Francisco people self-actualize like crazy. When Mary herself is the victim of a random act of violence, their protected world is ripped open. Meanwhile, Richard is a benevolent drug dealer writing a book while Sylvia uses the internet to lead a double hyper-sexualized existence.