Ghost City

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Produced by:
Sgript Cymru
June 01 - June 13, 2004
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0 Hour, 0 Minute
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by Gary Owen
directed by Simon Harris

Gary Owen is a blazing new talent from Wales. His first play, CRAZY GARY'S MOBILE DISCO left audiences wide-eyed and energized. Now that 'crazy' is nottled and served up in GHOST CITY—a dark and sexy live performance underscored by free jazz and brilliant electronic sound score. Get ready to see Welsh capital city Cardiff stripped of its graffiti and hubbub, leaving what's important—its people. 
It could be any city. It just happens to be ours. Twenty-four hours. Twenty-four lives Each linked in a way that no one can predict...A DJ who cracks up on the air...A supply teacher outwitted by a nine year old...A love affiar in the West that ends...A love affair in the East that begins...An old man who remembers the bombing of Dresden and forgets...All this is life on the edge of a precipice. This is the sound of that city. GHOST CITY is street talk. Literally.