His Majesty, the Devil - a play with music

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East to Edinburgh 2013
July 14 - July 21, 2013
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Produced by: The Elsewhere Ensemble
Playwright: Alexandra Devon (inspired by Dostoyevsky)
Director: Mathilde Schennen
Assistant Director: Rafael Svarin
With: MacIntyre Dixon, Colin Pip Dixon, Arnaud Ghillebaert

A mysterious gentleman. A young terrorist. The eve preceding destruction. A game of cat and mouse begins. Wit, wisdom, foolishness and drama intertwine with violins, questioning injustice and violence in our world. A war of ideas between old and new, between generations and beliefs. A new work inspired by Dostoyevsky.

Colin Pip
Photo Caption: His Majesty the Devil: A Play With Music
Photo Caption: His Majesty the Devil: A Play With Music
Photo Caption: His Majesty the Devil: A Play With Music
Photo Caption: His Majesty the Devil: A Play With Music
Photo Caption: His Majesty the Devil: A Play With Music
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Producing Company

The Elsewhere Ensemble

An International, intergenerational, interdisciplinary company: The Elsewhere Ensemble is based partly on the richness and importance of working with different nationalities, generations and artistic disciplines. This production brings together French, Swiss, Belgium, and American; musicians and actors; an actor and writer with a lifetime of experience, young artists, and everything in between. The Elsewhere Ensemble was officially created in 2012 with the concerts: Invocation and “Un tour du monde en musique” given at the summer festival at the Chateau de Machy near Lyon, France. It was officially created in 2012, but the creation of the group came out of longtime collaborations with works mixing theatre and concert, text and music. Past works include “Chekhov Triptych – three Chekhov stories in concert”, “Mozart & The Happy Prince” (words and music around Mozart and Oscar Wilde), “The Velveteen Rabbit” – a concert for children. These pieces have been performed in Paris, Lyon, New York and Boston in both French and English. 

New York theater actor MacIntyre Dixon has appeared on and off Broadway for over 50 years in dramas, comedies, classical theatre and musicals, as well as film and television. He has worked directly with theater legends such as Ionesco, Thornton Wilder, Paul Sills as well as Jerry Zacks, Sam Mendes, Kevin Kline, Bernadette Peters, Patrick Stewart, and Film directors Robert Altman, Warren Beaty, Robert Redford, etc. 

Arnaud Ghillebaert (violist) has played under the baton of great conductors such as Sir Colin Davis, Bernard Haitink, and Sir Neville Mariner in orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra and the Accademy of Saint Martin in the Fields, and Scottish Opera.
Colin Pip Dixon has performed has worked 14 years in Paris, France as a violinist, actor, composer performing in important venues all over france and receiving many grants for his compositions.

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