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Inspector Sands
December 07 - December 07, 2010
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Inspector Sands: Hysteria and If That's All There Is
created by Inspector Sands
directed by Joseph Alford and Lu Kemp

with Lucinka Eisler, Giulia Innocenti and Ben Lewis

Inspector Sands is a young company…[that] arrives at Brits Off Broadway with two critically acclaimed productions running in rep that examine the 21st century mindset with hilarious results. In Hysteria, a man and a woman are on the most awkward dinner date of their lives. Caught in the middle is their mortified waiter, who is haunted by visions of global catastrophe. In If That's All There Is, a couple teeters on the brink of marriage. As the happiest day of their lives approaches, the panic begins to rise. And everyone's watching.