Linda Marlowe in Mortal Ladies Possessed

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May 17 - June 05, 2005
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by Matthew Hurt
directed by Stuart Mullins

An undisputed star of last year's first BRITS OFF BROADWAY, Linda Marlowe returns to New York to tackle five Tennessee William's short stories in MORTAL LADIES POSSESSED.

One of the greatest playwrights of the twentieth century, Tennessee Williams is famous for his senuals and lyrical plays—often centered around complex women. His short stories bear all the trademark qualities of his plays. They focus on character pushed to the edge—ladies more often, full of desire, full of life, sometimes powerful, always desperate. In MORTAL LADIES POSSESSED, Tennessee's wild and evocative stories have been adpated for the stage by Matthew Hurt, all the rage and passion that appears in his prose creations has been brought to life in this theatrical re-imagining of his little-known masterpieces. As Widow Holly, Linda Marlowe conjures up the colorful and exotic guests that have passed through her doors. Sometimes haunting, iften hilarious, one of England's great stage actresses brings her unique physical style to her new solo show en route to this year's Edinburgh Festival.