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Maz and Bricks

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Produced by:
Fishamble: The New Play Company, as part of Origin's 1st Irish
January 07 - February 02, 2020
Run Time:
1 Hour, 20 Minutes
Showing in Theater
$35 (Members $26)

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By Eva O’Connor
Directed by Jim Culleton

With Ciaran O’Brien and Eva O’Connor

Olivier Award-winning company Fishamble returns to 59E59 Theaters as part of 1st Irish, following its previous, highly-acclaimed productions of On Blueberry Hill, Little Thing/Big Thing, Charolais, I Can See Clearly Now, and The Pride of Parnell Street.

Maz is planning to attend a pro-choice demonstration. Bricks is planning to take his daughter to the zoo. But, as the day unfolds, nothing goes to plan and the two become unlikely friends, changing each other in ways they never thought possible.

Photo Caption: Eva O'Connor and Ciaran O'Brien in MAZ AND BRICKS
Photo: Lunaria
Photo Caption: Eva O'Connor and Ciaran O'Brien in MAZ AND BRICKS
Photo: Lunaria
Photo Caption: Eva O'Connor and Ciaran O'Brien in MAZ AND BRICKS
Photo: Lunaria
Photo Caption: Ciaran O'Brien in MAZ AND BRICKS
Photo: Lunaria
Photo Caption: Eva O'Connor in MAZ AND BRICKS
Photo: Lunaria
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Producing Company

Fishamble: The New Play Company

Fishamble is an Irish theater company that is passionate about discovering, developing, and producing new plays of national importance with a global reach, while championing the role of the playwright. It harnesses the imaginative power of theater to provide audiences with a diverse range of contemporary, compelling, and heartfelt dramatic works, and typically supports over 50% of the writers of all new plays produced on the island of Ireland each year.

Fishamble thinks nationally and reaches globally, touring its productions to audiences throughout Ireland, and to 19 other countries, and has received many awards in Ireland and internationally, including an Olivier Award.

Fishamble is funded by the Arts Council, Dublin City Council, and Culture Ireland.


“Marvellous theatre... perfect and unmissable piece of deeply moving drama” – Sunday Independent

“Particularly timely...excruciatingly funny... powerful” – Irish Independent

"Enormous talent...her writing is as much poetry as prose and she employs her rhyming and rhythmic style effectively in portraying her characters' vulnerabilities and sensitivities." A Seat on the Aisle

"It is interesting for what it captures roiling beneath the surface of a nation about to surprise itself." – New York Times

"Maz and Bricks stirred considerable discussions about this hot potato issue." – Theater's Leiter Side/Theater Pizzazz

"A quirky yet moving story about the vulnerability of the human heart and the universal need for connection."
"The performances, under Jim Culleton's direction, are quite compelling."
"The play presents the opportunity to observe an emerging playwright who is engaged in a quest to hone her voice." – TalkinBroadway

"O'Connor and O'Brien are charming"
"At its core, MAZ AND BRICKS is a statement about the baggage men and women carry with them that too often precludes easy bonding." – NY Stage Review

"The playwright, Eva O'Connor, has gifted her characters with colorful, candid, and often clashing speeches – and, line by line, MAZ AND BRICKS offers definite pleasures."
"O'Connor is a real writer, one I imagine we'll be hearing from again. I look forward to that." – Lighting & Sound America

"The performances by Eva O'Connor and Ciaran O'Brien couldn't be better."
"O'Connor has crafted the dialogue beautifully and the discourse between the two characters is so honest and real that you may believe that their unexpected relationship is happening right before your eyes."
"A very timely piece" – BroadwayWorld

"A sort of romantic travelogue with a touch of politics, a touch of self-doubt, a touch of shame, and of course a healthy touch of hope." – The Front Row Center

"Vibrant narrative"
"O'Connor's drama is worth a visit." – OffOffOnline

"Her writing is so compelling, both in terms of structure and content"
"Poignant believability"
"Beautifully composed, verse-tinged monologues" – Theater Scene

"Smart and wonderfully entertaining"
"Director Jim Culleton has nimbly staged his two actors around MAZ AND BRICKS' bare-bones set"
"It's in watching O'Brien and O'Connor give their all onstage, though, that the show makes its biggest imprint. By play's end, you just might remark: What a journey we've had together." –Garden State Journal