Mercy Killers

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East to Edinburgh 2013
July 09 - July 14, 2013
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Produced by: Harold Clurman Lab Theater
Written and Performed by: Michael Milligan    
Directed by: Tom Oppenheim


Joe loves apple pie, Rush Limbaugh and the fourth of July. But when his wife is diagnosed with cancer and loses her insurance, his patriotic feelings are brought into question as he is driven to a fateful act. In this one-man play by Broadway actor Michael Milligan, Joe struggles with losing your health in the land of plenty.

Photo Caption: Mercy Killers
Photo Caption: Mercy Killers
Photo Caption: Mercy Killers
Photo Caption: Mercy Killers
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Producing Company

Harold Clurman Lab Theater

The Harold Clurman Laboratory Theater Company grew out of a feeling that the time had come for the Stella Adler Studio of Acting to produce, or reproduce, its spirit, voice and theatrical sensibilities on a professional level. The mission of the Lab Theater is to produce theater committed to the standards and ideals set out by Stella Adler, Harold Clurman and the Group Theater. It serves as a launching pad for its students and an artistic home for its faculty to grow and evolve. It also includes actors, directors, and designers from outside the immediate Adler community who share our humanistic impulse and vision.

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 “Michael Milligan’s breath-taking performance of a shattered man in the throes of a healthcare nightmare, made only worse by the twists and turns of insurance companies, truly humanizes the vast inequities of America’s for profit health insurance system. You will be talking about "Mercy Killers’" long after the curtain draws.” Josh Starcher, Health Care Now-NY.