Mr. Toole

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Produced by:
Articulate Theatre Company, in association with Lagniappe Productions
February 28 - March 15, 2020
Run Time:
1 Hour, 50 Minutes
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$25 (Members $20)

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By Vivian Neuwirth
Directed by Cat Parker

With John Ingle, Linda Purl, Julia Randall, Stephen Schnetzer, Ryan Spahn, and Thomas G. Waites

Award-winning playwright Vivian Neuwirth creates a deeply personal reflection on the life of John Kennedy Toole, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, A Confederacy of Dunces.

Before he was an author, John Kennedy Toole was a teacher. That’s how Lisette, one of his students at an all-girl’s college in New Orleans, knew him and loved him. 

Through her eyes, amid the music, magic, and mystery of The Big Easy we, too, learn to love “Mr. Toole.” The teacher a student will never forget becomes a legend the world will always remember.

Thomas G.
Photo Caption: Ryan Spahn in MR. TOOLE
Photo: Ken Howard
Photo Caption: Ryan Spahn and Linda Purl in MR. TOOLE
Photo: Ken Howard
Photo Caption: Ryan Spahn and Stephen Schnetzer in MR. TOOLE
Photo: Ken Howard
Photo Caption: Linda Purl, Julia Randall, and Stephen Schnetzer in MR. TOOLE
Photo: Ken Howard
Photo Caption: Ryan Spahn and Julia Randall in MR. TOOLE
Photo: Ken Howard
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Producing Company

Articulate Theatre Company

Articulate Theatre Company is an ensemble driven company who thrive on being storytellers. Their simple mantra is 'good stories, told well.' Guided by the three definitions of 'articulate,' - clarity, structure and connectivity- they are committed to challenging and connecting audiences and artist with clearly structured work that is intelligent, thought-provoking and visually striking. Story-telling is the heart of theatre. And the stories they like to tell involve myth, magic and the mundane: Mythical creatures bringing new perspective to our mundane lives, or typical people doing epic things. Gods, faeries, artists, plumbers, teachers, heroes, villains, accountants, florists - when these elements combine, we see our reality in a new way.

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Lagniappe Productions

Lagniappe (pronounced “LAN-yap”) is the old New Orleans custom of a shopkeeper adding a little something extra to a purchase as a gift for good measure. Today it means to give more. Lagniappe Productions was created as a way of sharing the culture of New Orleans and the impact it has had on the lives of artists. Lagniappe works with artists with connections to New Orleans, both by bringing them to NYC, and bringing work back home to New Orleans. Lagniappe Productions has produced several Off-Off Broadway productions in New York, including “NOLA, Three Plays About Home” with the EstroGenius Festival at TheatreLab, “The Key” with EstroGenius Festival at the Barrow Group Theatre (Best Play Award) and “Mr. Toole” at the Midtown International Theatre Festival (10 nominations, including Best Play; and 3 three awards.)

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"Poignant and enjoyable" – The Front Row Center

"Ms. Neuwirth uses an engaging trope to encapsulate the life of John Kennedy Toole" – Onstage Blog

"Mr. Toole is a powerful entry that imagines the last days of John Kennedy Toole, author of A Confederacy of Dunces, in New Orleans." – Culture Catch

"The intensity and subtle wit which which the characters are drawn stir and haunt us–suggesting how Toole might have been inspired by everyone, and everything, around him."
"The performances are uniformly superb" – NY Stage Review

"This is a riveting production, a memory play, cleverly and carefully directed by Cat Parker as it flows and takes many turns and directions allowing for so much information about the sad and tragic life of John Kennedy Toole." – TheaterPizzazz

"A wonderful experience" – Reviews Off Broadway

"Much of MR. TOOLE is quite moving" – Curtain Up