Murder Mystery Blues

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Produced by:
I'm a Camera
November 24 - December 31, 2006
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adapted and directed by Janey Clarke
based on the short stories of Woody Allen

composer/musical director Talya Klein
assistant musical director Charles Geizhals

with Stephanie Dodd, Mary Fahl, Jeff Ganz, Alex Haven, Michael Murray and Andromeda Turre

Private Eye Kaiser Lupowitz has it all, then a dynamite brunette asks him to find Mr. Big. Will he find the most elusive guy in the whole of New York? Soon Lupowitz cracks the case and, after rinner and drinks, sees through the mysterious femme fatale's disguise. MURDER MYSTERY BLUES is a play with original jazz set in the world of 1940s film noir New York. Based on si short stories by Woody Allen, this new adaptation features original live jazz by Warren Wills with lyrics by Janey Clarke.