My Arm

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April 07 - April 25, 2004
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by Tim Crouch

One of the biggest hits of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2003 at the Traverse Theatre, MY ARM tells the story of a man who has lived for thirty years with one arm above his head. It is a study of bloody-mindedness, modern art and how the things we do when we are ten years old stick with us for life. It is mesmerizing, audacious and painfully funny, combining live performance with film sequences by artist Chris Dorley-Brown — a totally honest and convincing piece of theatre...performed by someone who never lifts his arm above his head. Not even once. 


"...colossally powerful...Crouch tells his bleak story without ever losing sight of the aching, pained humanity behind the tale—the wonderful final image of this show is so straightforwardly moving that it left many members of the audience, including me, close to tears." - Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman