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One Discordant Violin

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Produced by:
2b theatre company
October 29 - November 24, 2019
Run Time:
1 Hour, 10 Minutes
Showing in Theater
$35 (Members $26)

Show Info

Adapted by Anthony Black
Original Score by Aaron Collier and Jacques Mindreau
Directed by Ann-Marie Kerr and Anthony Black

With Anthony Black and Jacques Mindreau

From the producers of the critically acclaimed Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story. Based on a short story by famed Life of Pi author Yann Martel.

An aspiring Canadian writer is visiting Washington, DC on his first ever trip to the United States. After stumbling upon a group of Vietnam War veterans performing classical concertos in an abandoned theater, he has a life-changing encounter with a forgotten American composer. One Discordant Violin is an extraordinarily moving duet for actor and violinist about finding beauty in unexpected places and what can happen when we reach beyond our grasp.


Producing Company

2b theatre company

2b theatre company strives to stimulate the mind and awaken the spirit by producing theater that is innovative and challenging. They create, produce, present, and tour original work nationally and internationally. Their work is part of the evolution of contemporary theater aesthetics. They are also an incubator, central to a thriving national theater community, that offers a range of creation, performance, and production opportunities for arts professionals from Halifax and beyond.

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“Touching moments of levity and humour... a beautiful elegy” – The Coast

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