Pure Confidence

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Produced by:
Mixed Blood Theatre Company
May 22 - July 03, 2009
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by Carlyle Brown
directed by Marion McClinton

with Christiana Clark, Casey Greig, Karen Landry, Gavin Lawrence, Chris Mulkey, Mark Rosenwinkel and Mark Sieve.

part of Americans Off Broadway

Set against a backdrop of fast horses, gritty racetracks, and high stakes betting, PURE CONFIDENCE is an exhilarating story of human triumph that explores the meaning of freedom.   On the eve of the Civil War, champion jockey Simon Cato is one of the most successful athletes of his day, dominating the sport of horse racing.  But Simon is also a slave.  Hired out regularly by his owner to Colonel Wiley Johnson, owner of the prize thoroughbred Pure Confidence, Simon wants the one thing the Colonel by law can’t give him: his freedom.  A funny and daring look at the complexity of race, love, and dignity, PURE CONFIDENCE chronicles the story of Simon’s race to freedom.