Sisters, Such Devoted Sisters

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Produced by:
Out of Joint
April 26 - May 15, 2005
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written and performed by Russell Barr

Winner of last year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe's highest award, SISTERS, SUCH DEVOTED SISTERS is set in Glasgow, Scotland, known for its extremes of laughter and violence. This, at times, drop-dead funny, unforgettable one-man show is about the life of Glasgow transvestite drag queen, Bernice Hindley, self-styled niece of Myra, the infamous 'Moors Murderess.'
The Guardian's Lyn Gardiner called Russell Barr's monologue, "a rich stew of a show that has the steamy sketch of a dark Jacobean comedy", and "the stream of consciousness writing is good, shockingly good." The Scotman's Joyce McMillan was fascinated by Barr's own remakrable presence as a performer, "sad, grotesque and beautiful in his Versace rags and towering heels". She also marveled at his use of "a knock 'em-dead stle of humor—camp and earthy, self-mocking surreal-to draw us unto the story", noting that the structure if the piece "opens up a raw place in our minds and then walks away, leaving us to think-and thank again." An hour of theatre that will stay with you long after the applause has died.