Tabloid Caligula

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Produced by:
Tror Taa and Kay Ellen Consolver
May 24 - June 12, 2005
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0 Hour, 0 Minute
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by Darren Murphy
directed by Lisa Forrell
with Chris Harper, Suzan Sylvester, and Peter Tate

From Hackney's Arcola Theatre in the East End of London and one of the brightest lights shining outside the West End, comes Itish writer Darren Murphy's "flick knife sharp comedy" TABLOID CALIGULA. Robert, an ageing criminal and wannabe businessman, believes he can make his dreams come true. Part mentor, part historian, part psychopath, he strides about his storeroom like a low rent Godfather, filling his young protege Joe, with tales of underworld glamor and ancient historical conquests. Joe dreams of being just like Robert. But Robert's not telling Joe everything he knows...Then in walks Mary and the game is up! With twists and turns to keep the audience gussing till the last moment, TABLOID CALIGULA caused one Indie London critic to advise: "An evening you should witness even if you are run over on the eay to the theatre. Get the ambulance to wait!"