The City That Cried Wolf (2007)

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Produced by:
State of Play Productions, Inc
December 05 - December 30, 2007
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by Brooks Reeves
directed by Dan Barnes

with Mat Bussler, Chloe Demrovsky, Rebecca Jones, Adam La Faci, Jyll Marie Mihlek, Loren Vandegrift

Rhyme Town, is not a happily-ever-after kind of city. In fact, it's the kind of town where Miss Muffet's a street-walking transvestite, gangs of wolves are apparently blowing down houses, and Councilman Humpty-Dumpty's ust been found sunny-side up on the pavement. Jack B. Nimble, a disgraced cop-turned-private detective is on the case, looking for the culprit, and all signs seem to point at Dumpty's widow, Bo Peep, the sexy torch song singer at the Hey Diddle Diddle nightclub. He's even more motivated when Mother Goose, the Chief of Police, offers him his badge back if he can solve this increasingly murky case. Clearly, this is not a show for children, but what a show it is!