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The Lucky Star

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Produced by:
Douglas Denoff presents The Directors Company production
April 26 - June 12, 2022
Run Time:
2 Hours, 15 Minutes
Yes, included in run time.
Showing in Theater
$60-$80 (59E59 Member price: $50)

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By Karen Hartman
Directed by Noah Himmelstein

Like so many great mysteries, it all began in an attic with a dusty old suitcase... The discovery of a stash of over two hundred letters in three languages opens clues to an untold history in THE LUCKY STAR —a gripping true story of resilience and determination, a family torn apart by war, fighting to immigrate, escape and survive. With scenes alternating between past and present, this mesmerizing drama brings Richard Hollander’s book, Every Day Lasts a Year: A Jewish Family’s Correspondence from Poland to the stage, restoring a family’s uncharted legacy.


"You might lose count of how many times a chill runs down your spine."Time Out Chicago

"... it is so clearly concerned with what we do about all of this now." – Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune  ****

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