The People Next Door

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Produced by:
Traverse Theatre Edinburgh
April 27 - May 22, 2005
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by Henry Adam
directed by Ian Grieve
with Ronny Jhutti, Mary McCusker, Mark McDonnell, and Daniel Redmond.

"if Snoop Dog ever wrote an Ealing comedy, this might be it!," says Scottish writer Henry Adam of his play which was one of the biggest hits of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2003, immediately transfering to London before touring to Germany and the Balkans in September 2004. THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR deals with issues of racism, terrorism, and the very nature of community. It is a riotously dark comedy about what happens when someone else's global problem becomes your lcoal one. If the events of September 11, 2001 changed everyone's life forever, someone forgot to tell Nigel. With his Xbox, his TV, and his spliff, Nigel's life seems as sweet as it ever was. Maverick cop Phil, however, has a covert mission to put Nigel back in touch with reality and his estranged brother, Karim. But not out of the goodness of his heart—Karim is a suspected terrorist on the run.