The Straits

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Paines Plough
June 15 - July 04, 2004
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by Gregory Burke
directed by John Tiffany
movement by Steven Hoggett

Gibralter is a place where every street name bears the testimony to the human cost of the empire. It's Summer 1982 in Rosia Bay and four British teenagers complete with local lads to hunt the lucrative fleet of octopus that have recently hit the Rock. With Jock's 'occy eyes', Doinck's new spear gun and Darren's fit older sister Tracy to sell the bounty, their dominance of the Bay seems assured. But for the sons and daughters of the British forces, another war beginning in the South Atlantic will soon bring a dark heart to their games.
Following the smash hit, GAGARIN WAY, for his second play Scottish writer Gregory Burke draws on his experiences grwoing up in a family stationed in Gibraltor during the Falklands War. THE STRAITS is an extraordinary summer in the lives of four teenagers.


"John Tiffany's sinewy production is a winner out and out, boasting terrific performances from its young cast." - The Guardian