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May 19 - June 05, 2011
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By: Brian Sloan 
Directed by: Andrew Volkoff 
With: Bob Braswell, Micahel Carlsen, Martin Edward Cohen, Leah Curney, Torsten Hillhouse, Nick Lewis, and Patrick Edward O'Brien

On the night before 9/11 a young man, living in a SoHo apartment with a view of the World Trade Center, places an ad for a roommate online. Then, everything changed. 

In his first play, writer/filmmaker Brian Sloan gives a surprising and intimate glimpse of life in lower Manhattan during the strange days of September 2001.

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Photo Caption: WTC View
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Backstage CRITICS' PICK! 

"The play requires a strong cast, and this production largely hits the mark. As Eric, Nick Lewis is almost constantly on stage, and his occasional moments of souped-up emotion are softened by a quirky charm and a naturalness of gesture. Leah Curney is refreshingly candid as Josie, Eric's uptown friend and voice of reason, while Michael Carlsen stands out in the lineup of potential roommates, adding a moment of unwitting levity as Kevin, a trucking company owner and strung-out lothario." - Nicole Villeneuve, Backstage