Barn Series

Barn Series

Welcome to LAByrinth’s 24th annual Barn Series! The renowned free reading series is a festival of new plays, and a critical and exciting step in LAB’s development of new work. Many of LAByrinth’s world premieres have come from the Barn, giving audiences a sneak peek into the artistic process, and a chance to see plays before they’re the next hot ticket.  

This reading series will be performed in-person. 

LAByrinth Theater Company, founded in 1992 as The Latino Actors Base, was created to reflect a world where color is the norm and not the exception. From Our Lady of 121st Street to Halfway Bitches go Straight to Heaven, LAByrinth has produced over 50 world premieres and developed over 250 new plays.

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2024 Barn Series Schedule

Please note: the 59E59 Theaters Box Office will contact you within 48 hours prior to showtime to confirm your attendence.

By Lidia Ramirez and George Valencia
Directed by George Valencia
Tuesday, February 6 at 7:15PM

Ana and Junior, Latinos in their 50s, relive the night they met when they were just 19 years old. The story of their love affair with freestyle music runs parallel to the story of their personal first romantic relationship with each other, playing a pivotal role in all stages: falling in love, marriage, heartbreak, divorce, and grief.

By Shawn Randall
Directed by Jill DeArmon
Wednesday, February 7 at 7:15PM

We don’t know how much time we have left. But if you’re reading this, then maybe it’s not too late to remember what matters most. One small vibration could make a world of difference before we disappear.

By Joey Palestina
Directed by Jessi Hill
Thursday, February 8 at 7:15PM

Assessor, employee of the social services company Fruitopium, is tasked with altering the life trajectory of the down-and-out amidst a planet in tumult. Faced with unhealthy work hours and a non-existent family/social life, Assessor becomes obsessed with a former client despite the repercussions.

By Brett C. Leonard
Friday, February 9 at 7:15PM

A work in progress by the author of The Long Red Road, Guinea Pig Solo, and many more.

By Madeline Barr
Directed by John Gould Rubin
Saturday, February 10 at 2:15PM

Recurring begins with the sudden appearance of GIRL's estranged cousin in the wake of her mother's unexpected death. This meeting catapults her into a dizzying whirlwind of fragmented memories; spinning her madly back and forth between adulthood, teenhood, and girlhood, ultimately unraveling the intricacies of a decades-long, emotionally charged relationship marked by trauma. As GIRL navigates this tumultuous odyssey, the play delves into the profound and far-reaching ripple effects at the heart of her familial ties.

By Mel Nieves
Directed by Paula Pizzi
Saturday, February 10 at 7:15PM

An aging super light-weight club fighter, Roberta “La Potencia” Montoya after a devastating knock-out at the hands of a faster and much younger, Terri “Sweet & Sour” Jones must come to terms with the realization that she has come to the end of the road of the only kind of life skill she’s ever known, but her long-time manager, Joe Pacheco might have other plans for her future; to squeeze out one more fight for one last big payday to pay off a life threatening debt.

By Stephen Adley Guirgis
Directed by John Ortiz and David Zayas Jr.
Tuesday, February 13 at 7:15PM

Three new works in progress by the author of Between Riverside and Crazy, Jesus Hopped the A Train, and many more.