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59E59 Theaters
July 09 - July 28, 2024
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A unique showcase of 16 New York shows headed to Scotland for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (the largest arts festival in the world).

East to Edinburgh was created as a way to help shows get on their feet so companies experience the same production constraints that all shows experience during the Fringe, while giving companies a clean, comfortable, and nurturing space to fine-tune their productions. This year's whirlwind festival features sixteen adventurous productions from around New York and across the US.

The 2024 EAST TO EDINBURGH line up is: 
(click on the titles for more information and a performance calendar) 

July 9, 10, 11
Star Stone presents
Villain Era
Written and performed by Star Stone
Directed by Ryan Cunningham

It's 2018 and Star is cast in a reality competition show on YouTube that goes viral with 17 million views. Only problem is she was given the villain edit! Sharing her true story publicly for the first time, Star reveals it all from battling trolls and bots to the effects it had on her in this one-woman multi-media comedy show. 

July 9, 16, 17
Viviane Ford presents
New Kids on the Blockchain
Written and performed by Viviane Ford
Directed by Elizabeth Bennett

Fourteen boys obsessed with crypto. One 22-year-old girl from rural Massachusetts. Join Viv on this true adventure as she moves into the Crypto Castle in 2015 San Francisco. Here, rules vanish, love fades, and Bitcoin rules. For four years, she tries to be the one thing the crypto bros don't know: normal.

July 10, 12, 13
Brooklyn Bottling Co. presents
Brett Epstein: Alone on Stage
Written and performed by Brett Epstein
Directed by Tom Costello

Brett Epstein – host of the decade-long smash Rule of 7x7 (NYT, Time Out New York, Playbill highlight) and the very very co-star of Friends from College & Ray Donovan – reflects upon the highs and lows of being an artist, being alone and Being Alive™. A darkly comic LGBTQ-friendly Brooklyn Bottling Company solo show.

July 11, 13, 14
Patrick Nash Theatrical presents
Funny Guy
By Patrick Nash
Directed by Jesse R. Tendler
With Karen Genaro Dosanjh, Clara Francesca, Jud Meyers, and Jesse R. Tendler

Funny Guy is a twisted exploration of the fragile underpinnings of love, friendship, and ambition. As two young couples chase relevance and meaning, a towering neon marionette stalks the stage challenging them to confront their own identities, desires, and motives. Funny Guy, by Patrick Nash, directly challenges us to question our most intimate relationships and understanding of ourselves.

July 12, 24
Brooklyn Bottling Co. presents
Pretty Delusional
Book, lyrics, and performed by Gianna Milici
Music by Shelbie Rassler
Directed by KJ Stewart

Pretty Delusional is a coming-of-age musical comedy about staying sexy in the face of rejection. Through personal storytelling, original songs, and an existential crisis, Gianna Milici marches heart-first into the battle of loving too much or not at all. But most importantly, trying to not vomit in the process.

July 13, 14
Bialystock & Bloom and The 6th Act present
Sonnets From Suburbia
Written and performed by Penny Peyser
Directed by Matthew Leavitt and Liza Seneca

Lady Penelope dresses in Elizabethan garb, prefers to speak in iambic pentameter and rhyme, and refuses to leave her house. She sonnetizes, sanitizes, and sings! And she has a secret…

July 13, 14, 16
Tracey Yarad presents
All These Pretty Things
Written and performed by Tracey Yarad
Directed by Tessa Souter

What do you do when your husband runs off with your teenage goddaughter? You write some songs, dye your wedding dress black, and make a show. 

July 17, 20, 21
Twilight Theatre Company in association with The Resident Acting Company presents
Polishing Shakespeare
By Brian Dykstra
Directed by Margarett Perry
With Brian Dykstra, Kate Levy, and Kate Siahaan-Rigg

A dotcom billionaire pays an esteemed American theater company to translate Shakespeare into English (Wait. What?). A world premiere three-character comedy based on an (unbelievably) true story from the Fringe First award-winning team Brian Dykstra and Margarett Perry starring Brian Dykstra, Kate Levy, and Kate Siahaan-Rigg. “To sell out or not to sell out - is that the question?”

July 18, 19, 20 
Brooklyn Bottling Co. and Executive Producer Alexandra Schwartz present
Sarina Freda: no no no please no god no, nevermind i'm fine
Written and performed by Sarina Freda
Directed by Tom Costello

In 2021, Sarina confronted death and won. It took only one harrowing LSD trip. Now she's dying (not literally!) to reveal how she survived and is now really completely totally fine.

July 18, 19, 21
teatrito and Reyna Carrillo present
The Gospel of Joan (Crawford)
By Sydney Green
Directed by Sofi Lopez Arredondo
With Michael Bogardus, Thyme Briscoe, Susana Gomez Laverde, Aliza Jane Cosgrove, Niray Almonte, Heather Lynn Wong, Amanda Whyte, Divya, and Eka Savajol

Five would-be somebodies find themselves united in Hell, part of a trial run to solve Hell’s population problem. Faced with a poker match with the one and only Joan Crawford—these women must vie against each other for a spot in Heaven, while contending sins, histories, sexual identity, and their own dispensability. Because winning is more than eternity—it is fame.

July 20, 21, 25
Twilight Theatre Company presents
By Brian Parks
Directed by Margarett Perry and Natalie Tell
With Matthew Boston, Mark Boyett, Brian Dykstra, and Kate Siahaan-Rigg

It’s a Grave Business. Infamy, riches, and the darkest secrets of the city collide in this fast-paced comedy by two-time Fringe First winner Brian Parks. A clandestine cabal of misfits attempt their ultimate heist. Will these agents of the night seize the coveted prize – or bury themselves? A hilarious world premiere directed by Margarett Perry and Natalie Tell.

July 20, 26, 27
Fishmarket Theatre Co. presents
By The Three Sardines
Directed by Nadiya Atkinson
With Melia Hagino, Jasper Pershing, Alice Zelenko, Francie Brewster

It began with The Show. The star-hopping sci-fi series that seized American hearts one television set at a time. In 1969, a group of housewives compose forbidden love stories. In a Y2K bedroom, two teens write questionable fanfiction. CRINGE is a celebration of intergenerational fandom and liberative queer worldbuilding with a hearty dose of camp and a sprinkle of…well. Cringe.

July 23, 24, 25
Bronze Boy Productions presents
The Bronze Boy
By Nancy Hamada
Directed by Todd Faulkner
With Nicole Greevy and Todd Faulkner

Two women take a road trip with a bronze statue and a sack of illegal guns. A powerful, provocative and funny new play about love, loss and America's twisted obsession with firearms.

July 23, 27, 28
Leading Lady Creative & Guptanya Studios present
The Things I Did While Waiting For You To Fall Back In Love With Me
Written and performed by Sarah Hogewood

A funeral you won’t be able to stop yourself from laughing through, this one-human show is a love letter to the humbling, humiliating, and humanizing experience of grief and the way it connects us all.

July 26, 27, 28
Project Y Theatre and Richard Jordan Productions (UK) in association with The Pleasance present
Yoga with Jillian
By Lia Romeo
Directed by Andrew W. Smith
Performed by Michole Biancosino 

In this hilarious new comedy, yoga teacher Jillian plans to take the audience through an amazing, incredible, fantastic journey. But the past few years have been tough... am I right? Audiences can watch from a seat or on the mat. Can yoga, guru culture, and green juice save us all?

July 27, 28
Flying Solo! Presents
Elizabeth I: In Her Own Words
By Carole Levin
Directed by Lynn Nichols
Performed by Tammy Meneghini

Intrigue. Betrayal. Unconsummated love. Danger. Ascending the English throne at a turbulent time Elizabeth I was a brilliant and canny stateswoman, politician, and ruler whose own letters provide a captivating peek into her inner thoughts, desires, heartaches, fears, doubts, and joys. Intertwined with speeches from Shakespeare her letters paint a portrait of this complex and remarkable woman.