Undo the Sea

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Produced by:
Primary Stages
March 16 - March 16, 2022
Run Time:
0 Hour, 30 Minutes

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By Inda Craig-Galván
Directed by Jennifer Chang
Stage Managed by Mars Wolfe
Edited by M.J. Sieber

With Rolando Boyce and LeShay Tomlinson Boyce

Primary Stages is excited to welcome back 2019 Jeffry Melnick Award Winner Inda Craig-Galván (Welcome to Matteson!How to Get Away with Murder) for our next Living Room Commission, Undo The Sea. A compelling virtual drama set in the here and now, Undo The Sea delves into the fears and frustrations of life in the age of lockdown for husband and wife duo Kim and Jaden. After being spurned at a work Zoom meeting, Jaden abandons any notion regarding “restraint of pen and tongue,” sending an email to his boss venting his frustrations. But when the power goes out just after pressing the undo button—unsure of whether or not the email has been sent—tensions rise within the household as the couple awaits a response.


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