59E59 Staff Agreement

59E59 Staff Agreement

We value creating a work environment that is respectful, considerate, and free from any form of harassment. This applies to staff at all levels, visiting companies, patrons, and other guests. It is the responsibility of managers, staff, and all other 59E59 community members to uphold this agreement.

We pledge to:

  • Foster open and transparent communication with each other and between departments.
  • Hold quarterly all-staff meetings to review our goals, share achievements, provide anti-harassment and bystander training, and review our “Flag Policy” to address inappropriate behavior as it happens.
  • Support employees in discussing or formally reporting their concerns about potentially inappropriate, harmful, or sexualized behavior. All reports will be fully investigated by management or The Board Of Directors. Retaliation for reporting will not be tolerated.
  • Take disciplinary action against any employee or community member who engages in oppressive, threatening, aggressive, bullying, harassing, or sexually inappropriate behavior.
  • Provide clear job descriptions, responsibilities, and accountability systems to all staff.
  • Conduct annual performance evaluations for all staff, including 360 reviews for supervisors and executive leaders as appropriate.
  • Offer professional development opportunities and support employee advancement within and beyond our organization.
  • Communicate openly with each other as well as within and across departments.
  • Encourage a healthy work/life balance by enforcing a maximum 40-hour work week.
  • Practice transparent hiring, including salary amounts, necessary skills, and desired experience lists for all job postings.

View our full Community Agreement here.